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The fast and highly effective emergency burn gel is now selling to businesses with high burn frequency through online and direct sales, keeping employees healthier and safer while making companies more productive

Pleasant Prairie, WI (November 5th, 2019)

Alocane Commercial Solutions Product MixAlocane Commercial Solutions Wall Dispenser

Quest Products has expanded the existing Alocane® offering by adding Alocane® Commercial Solutions, for the business and industrial marketplace. The physician recommended emergency burn relief gel is the best solution for fast and effective relief from minor burns and sunburns.
Productivity at your business ends when burn pain begins. But with Alocane® Burn Gel, workers can get immediate relief, heal faster, and be more effective at their jobs.

Alocane® Commercial Solution products are available online at or through direct sale by contacting Quest Products.

Proper and timely treatment of burns in the workplace can eliminate slowdowns at your company, speed up employee recovery time, and reduce worker’s compensation claims and missed work. With safer, and happier workers, businesses have been able to increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Alocane® Commercial products offer excellent protection for workers exposed to high heat, hot objects, and higher incidences of burns, such as in restaurants, manufacturing, and beauty shops.

The new solution is offering three innovative and customizable options:

  • The Alocane® Commercial Wall dispenser is perfect for high-heat and high-traffic areas.
  • The Alocane® Commercial Mobile Industrial-Sized Bottle can be placed on any flat surface, easily be moved, and can help employees recover faster and keep your business more productive.
  • The Alocane® Commercial Single-Use Packages are ideal for employees who need burn relief on-the-go and are great as a take home treatment.

This combination of products allows you to place it at any high traffic areas in your workplace, no matter the size or space available. And the larger packages allow you to provide burn relief at scale and at a very high volume.

Workplace related burns happen more often than most people realize and can be devastating to your business. Up until now, most restaurants or other businesses that frequently suffer burns have been forced to pay for single use options with high markups at retail. With our new product line, you get more protection and relief for your workers, whether your business is a restaurant, tattoo parlor, beauty shop, or manufacturing operation.

“We are very excited to provide a solution that helps businesses and workers at the same time. With Alocane® for your workplace, you can get the benefits of the leading burn treatment, at a cost that makes sense for your bottom line,” said Mark McGreevy, Quest Products VP, Business Development. “When we put this into a location, we see happier workers, who are getting instant and effective pain relief from burns. This is the perfect solution for job sites where burns are pervasive and causing a drag on productivity.”

While fire safety is the most common cause of burns, there are many other heat, thermal, friction, electrical and chemical burns that can injure employees. ALOCANE® provides maximum pain relief for serious burns without the many known downsides of products containing petroleum, menthol, mineral oil or alcohol.

Alocane® is comprised of:

  • 4% Lidocaine to stop burn pain on contact
  • Aloe Vera to hydrate damaged skin, soothe irritations and cool burns
  • Vitamin E to fight scars and accelerate healing

With Alocane® Emergency Burn gel, you’ll have maximum strength burn relief, so that you can get maximum productivity in your workplace.

For a healthier and safer work environment, visit or contact us at 800-650-0113.

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